How to Keep Mentally Active While Staying at Home?

These are the times we never imagined we would see. Spending life locked in a house with minimal human interaction has taken us aback. It certainly has affected our mental health. It is quite difficult for some to deal with this situation, especially when you have no friends to hug or a shoulder to cry on. COVID-19 has made us the prisoners of our own world. Now we spend our days staring at walls, peaking out of the windows, and spending most of the time on screens. The depression and clouds of sadness we are feeling today are the natural outcome of the lifestyle we have to opt for in quarantine. Before we turn into actual zombies, let us work to keep ourselves mentally active. Believe me; it is not that hard. Welcome to the world of introverts!

If you flip the gloomy side of quarantine just for a minute, you will see that it has come with a great opportunity to learn. Learning new things or revising already learned things keep our minds active. We have fallen into pits of sadness and darkness because we have stopped feeding our minds the ‘good stuff.’ Let’s discuss the ‘good stuff’ that will keep you mentally active while staying at home:

· Diet:

The reason the diet is on top is that you are what you eat’. Take the example of a box. If you keep filling the box with junk, you cannot expect roses in it at the end of the day. The same goes for the body. The kind of food you put in your body defines your mood and your mental health as well. If you keep eating junk food, it will affect your sleep, and you will feel annoyed and unsatisfied all the time. But if you eat healthily, you will feel good about yourself and will feel calmer. So, eat healthily, stay healthy!

· Physical Activity:

The second important thing in keeping your mind healthy and alive is to do some physical activity. Keep your body in motion, and do not just spend your days lying on the bed. That motion can be in the form of exercise, yoga, stretches, or just a walk, perhaps. The main hindrance in this is the lack of motivation, and that is a valid reason. That is why here is a trick: ask yourself to do it just for five minutes. Once you get used to five minutes, increase it to ten, then to fifteen and then twenty and so on.

  • Learning New Things:

As mentioned earlier, continuous learning keeps our brain cells active. Therefore, you should take full advantage of this time and learn a new skill, adopt a new hobby, or groom yourself. Now you have time to finally do that thing you wanted to do for so long but could not because of lack of time. If you are into art, improve your art. If you wanted to get in shape, start with small exercises at home. If you wanted to renovate your house, do it now! If you wanted to learn cooking or try new things, now is the time! Think of this time as leverage is given to you. The exciting thing is you can do anything with it. So why not use it for our benefit.

One missing piece in all this is You. Yes, you. You know why? Because your self is the only self, you are in contact with at all times. You can watch self-help videos or read as many articles you want, but you cannot get there if you do not take the initiative to do the thing. If you will not stay persistent and will not take care of yourself, no power on this earth can do it. So get up and GO!



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